The Stiltz Homelift now available in the US!

Stiltz-LiftStiltz Home Lift

When considering the purchase of a home elevator it is often difficult to know where to start and what information you will need. can assist you with the process by providing you with the information to help make informed decisions about residential elevator products and services.

If you are planning on the purchase an in home elevator or just seeking information about the process for the future, includes elevator specifications, comparisons, planning information and even a dealer locator.

On the web site you can learn about different elevator types including the shaftless Stiltz Lift, hydraulic, MRL or machine roomless and winding drum cable units. You will also be able to learn about the process of planning for an installation in an existing home or new home construction.

With advances in technology and manufacturing residential elevators have become more common in today’s homes. Besides luxury and style owning a home with an elevator is ideal for many reasons, convenience, increased mobility and the possibility of aging in place.

When starting out it will be to your advantage to have a clear plan of where you want to locate the elevator in your home. This is an important detail that should be carefully thought-out to maximize the use of the elevator and minimize the impact of the floor plan.

If you have an existing home usually there will be more factors to consider. This can require additional planning to fit an elevator within the existing structure, often the assistance of an architect is of great help. For this type of elevator installation, ideally you will want the finished project to blend in as if it was always part of your home.

When building a new home it can be much easier to plan for an elevator. Many new home builders have become accustom to providing elevators as options and are familiar with the process. Having plans for a home to review will make it much easier when making any desired changes before construction has started.

In either situation, the question of how much does an elevator cost is something that should be determined early on. This will be decided by several factors including the type of elevator system you purchase, the number of floors you want to serve with the elevator, the interior cab finishes, installation location and more.